Sepehr Group Global Logestic

Sepehr Group Global Logistic with head office in Tehran was established in 2005 on the strength of years of valuable experience in the freight market. we complete the supply chain with work in a worldwide network.

Our services as follow:

Rail freight:

Shipment of cargo with or without containers from all European origins / CIS / Turkey  via Seraphs / Julia to Iran (Tehran- Bandar Abbas and act) and vice versa .

Kind of wagons: Various of tank wagons (petroleum, LPG, chemicals, cement) 

Trucking freight:


Shipment of cargo from all major industrial cities in Europe and Central Asia by direct trucks of different nationalities (Iranian, Bulgarian, Turks, Uzbek, Etc...) at most competitive prices. 


Collection of group age cargo from suppliers factories at any place in Europe and on forwarding by daily truck dispatch from our terminals in major industrial regions to Iran.

Borders of Iran: ASTRA (Azerbaijan)/ Bajgiran (Turkmenistan)/ Bazargan (Turkey) / Djulfa (Armenia)/ Dogarun (Afghanistan)/ Incheborun (Turkmenistan)/ Khosravi (Iraq)/ Lotfabad (Turkmenistan)/ Mirjaveh (Pakistan)/ Nurduz (Armenia)/ Sarakhs (Turkmenistan)



Air freight:

From all major Airports in the five continents to Tehran Airport. 

Collection of your export cargo from your warehouse, inland haulage to Tehran Airport and Air freight to all major Air-ports in the five continent.

International Airports of Iran: Imam Khomeini / Mehrabad/ Tabriz/ Shiraz/ Isfahan/ Mashhad/ Kish/ Birjand/ Bandar Abbas/ 


Ocean freight:

Shipment of cargo from all major ports in the five continents by Conventional/Containerized/Ro-Ro Vessel to southern Iranian Ports.

Ports Of Iran: Bandar Abbas/ Bandar Imam/ Bandar Bushehr/ Bandar Chahbahar/ Bandar Khoramshahr/ Bandar Anzali/ Bandar Noushahr


External Transit:

External Transit                                       

From B. Abbas Boarder to Afghanistan/ CIS/ Iraq

Internal transit:

From Bandar Abbas to all customs(Shahriar, Sahlan, Mashhad, Arak & etc) and vice versa.

From Tehran(Shahriyar, IKA) to all customs(Bandar Abbas, Sahlan, Qazvin & etc) and vice versa.



Customs clearance


Special Service:

In addition to the export and import , we can provide following services:

  • Door to door services
  • Project
  • Trading
  • Insurance
  • Exhibition
  • Consultation


We are seeking network agent in order to have mutual business relationship.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information you may need or any interest to work together.


Work together will be success