reil freight

Rail Freight

At Sepehr Group Global Logistic the core subject is INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY TRANSPORTATION (among Iran- Europe - CIS – Middle East) . Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we consider ourselves to be responsible for contributing in an active and dedicated way to promoting rail as a Means of Transport. Our aim is to enhance the appeal of the rail freight sector in Iran.

  We offer innovative solutions by railway. The following main topics make up the area of effort of innovative logistics:

 - Efficient, environmentally logistics chains

 - Logistics planning, decision support and fleet management

 - Information logistics

 -  Infrastructure and frame conditions

Rail Freight Services and Routes:

EUROPE: Cargos are carried by railway between Iran and Europe.  

CIS: Transport organization is done for CIS from Europe – Turkey and Iran by railway. Cargos must be reloaded from Europeans wagons to CIS wagons, because European lines ( inc . Turkey and Middle East) has got 1435 mm of width; CIS lines have got 1525 mm of width.


CAUCAS: By railway from Iran to Turkey than delivery to Armenia and Georgia by truck after reloading in Iran. 

MIDDLE EAST: All logistics services are given from/to Turkey.

AFGANISTAN: There are 2 arrival ways to Afghanistan; 

    - By wagon to Iran and reload onto truck than delivery via Doqharon / Islamqhale border

    - By wagon to Uzbekistan and reload onto truck than delivery via Termez / Galaba border. 

RENTAL WAGONS: Kind of wagons are presented from Europe for Turkish and Middle East countries. Various of tank wagons     (petroleum, LPG, chemicals, cement), covered and open to wagons can be provided.

GSP can provide CIS wagons to any Iranian places, few stations in Iran and CIS borders.

   Weekly container block train leaves from Bandar Abbas port to Almaty in 12 days on route: Iran - Turkey- Turkmenistan -     Uzbekistan -  Kazakhstan. Connection to kırgizistan & Tajikistan and China by this train is possible.